Whether you need dog noises & dog calling sound to find your dog, or you need dog sounds to play with your pet, simply explore our categories and we are sure you’ll find numerous dog effects that will impress you.

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Delight with the largest collection of different types of dog sounds, barking, puppy, howling, whimper, growl and toy sounds.

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Discover a world of canine sounds. Puppy love, fierce growls, rhythmic barking, and entertaining toy sounds await.

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Unleash the power of growl sounds! Feel the intensity, capture the majesty. 

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Enter the world of barking sounds. Engage, communicate, and connect.

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This is an app to my heart. The 'guards' are very realistic. The sounds are perfect, and realistic to the point that they may jump out of the phone. Very excellent job. Ask my loving neighbors, specially Jenny!

Jorge L Rivera Santaella

Amazing app. Playing with my dog almost 2 hours

Aleksandar Jelača

Realistic 😉 sound, thank you.

Jonathan,Aw Jonathan888

Awesome sounds and a good selection of them. You can delay the time between sounds and select a loop mode from 1 to 999. Very easy to use.

William Truitt

I don't generally leave reviews, but I literally just downloaded this and had so much fun with our new pup and our other two dogs I had to come back and tell all the dog lovers out there! Get this app! It's a blast!

Rebecca Firgens

It's very beautiful and nice application

Ifeanyi Kingsley

I love all the different sounds! There are pictures of the various dogs so you have an idea of what to expect (i.e. little yaps or big full barks!). Also has growls and howls and whimpers. Love it.

k thompson

Wow this app is amazing. Highly recommend it. And I have been searching an app like this for a lot of time and I finally find one that is worthy. Pls don't download any other app because I checked them and they don't work.

Dilini Bandara

Lots to pick from the dogs love as much as I enjoy having it to play tricks on them. Has few adds but so far not overwhelming or anoying

spencer Albert

I write music for dogs. I use this app as canned back-up vocals, and it helps to get the other dogs to sing along.

Allen McLemore

Really made people jump,it's so realistic. Can the "beep "sound be removed when switching on.

Raymond Hollebone

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